Felicia is running for state Senate to improve education, make quality, affordable healthcare accessible for all, bring back government accountability and strengthen local control, to create more opportunity in rural Arizona, and protect our environment.


The key to a better future for all Arizonans is equality in access to education. This means no child should be left without access to early-childhood education, or suffer from lack of academic resources because of their zip code or the school district they live in. And no young adult should be prevented from getting a college education, because they can't afford it. College isn't for everyone though, and we need more certified trade schools (especially in rural areas) for people who want to pursue a traditional trade.



  • Encourage quality educators to stay in Arizona by offering them competitive wages and comprehensive benefits by prioritizing K-12 education in the state budget

  • Reduce class sizes to improve student-teacher ratios and decrease teacher turn over

  • Fund full-day kindergarten and pre-school

  • Make college tuition more affordable for everybody who dreams of furthering their education, so that young adults entering the workforce are not overwhelmed with student debt

  • Improve access and availability of certified vocational schools for young adults who want to pursue a trade, starting with incorporating vocational training in high schools and community colleges



Affordable access to quality healthcare for all Arizonans is essential. Felicia has worked as an Army medic, nurse, a senior medical advisor in combat zones, as a civilian nurse manager, and as a hospice nurse. Therefore, she recognizes the faults within our healthcare system. We need more emphasis on prevention of disease and illness, affordable medical prescriptions, and improved access to quality healthcare in rural areas. She believes in single-payer healthcare, similar to the military model, because she's seen it work first hand.



  • Work together to fix affordable care and funding for AHCCCS, which currently provides coverage for 1.9 million Arizonans

  • Require coverage for regular physical and mental health check-ups, to prevent and diagnose any disease or illness before it becomes deadly and more expensive to manage

  • Require a school nurse and counselor at every school who is trained to teach health and hygiene, and detect serious mental and physical illness early on

  • Support comprehensive medical coverage that includes: dental, eye, and mental health for all Arizonans

  • Put a cap on how much pharmaceuticals can charge, so Arizonans can afford the prescription drugs they need 

  • Use the medical assets in the Arizona National Guard and Reserves to do military medical readiness training in underserved and rural communities in Arizona

  • Provide grants to Public Health students (e.g. mental health, social work, nursing, and physician assistants) in exchange for their tuition, they would be required to serve in rural communities where there is currently a lack of quality health services


Reducing local unemployment, creating jobs with stable, livable wages, supporting small businesses, and protecting our natural resources and environment, are critical priorities for rural Arizona. We need government accountability and stronger local control, to ensure economic policies drafted in Maricopa County, benefit ALL Arizonans, as well as protect our beautiful environment for today's and future generations.




As a retired Colonel from the US Army and Arizona National Guard, with 32 years of military service, and deployments in Afghanistan, Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Germany, Felicia knows firsthand about veterans issues. We need to improve the quality of services that veterans and their families receive after they have served their country. This means increasing access and knowledge of services available to veterans, making sure job opportunities exist, PTSD is properly treated, and that military families are taken care of. 



  • Increase access and knowledge of services available to veterans, including health services and educational opportunities

  • Ensure that PTSD is properly treated before and thoroughly followed up with after soldiers are discharged from the military

  • Streamline the process to improve the efficiency of getting veterans healthcare services from the VA, so they don't fall through the cracks

  • Keep the Veterans Administration under government oversight (allowing veterans to be served by people who understand their unique needs)

  • Provide quality care for soldiers and their families for life



Paid for by French for Arizona. Authorized by Felicia French.

Felicia French is a Colonel USA (retired). Use of her military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform

do not imply endorsement by the U.S. Army, Army National Guard or Department of Defense.